Fruit and Charcuterie

  • ~ Black Wicker Tray
    ~ Delallo Italian Specialities – Red Wine Salami
    ~ Sugar Bush Farms – (Vermont) -Smoked Cheddar Cheese
    ~ Reserve Farms – (Wisconsin) – Variety of Flavors – Jalapeno, Cheddar or Swiss (1)
    ~ Heinz Dijon Mustard
    ~ Tait Farms – depending on availability –
    Alyssa Berry Sauce or Ginger Peach Chutney
    ~ Fresh Fruit
    – Pears (4)
    – Apples (4)
    – Oranges (4)
    ~ George Howe Co. – Whole, Salted, Roasted Cashews
    ~ George Howe Co. – Sweet Dried Pineapple
    ~ Finished with a seasonal ribbon



  1. cold cooked meats collectively
    Meat and Cheese boards are all the rage these days.  Like many traditional foods that are making a comeback, charcuterie is a culinary art developed from necessity; it is the way meats were preserved long before the days of refrigeration. And just like pickles, fermented vegetables, home drafted beer, broth and kombucha, charcuterie has been revived and brought front and center by the traditional food movement.  This fancy and fresh gift is a nod to its newfound popularity.  It has the best of both worlds with meat, cheese, fresh and dried fruits and dipping sauces.  A popular gift for many occassions!

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