Wrapped In Love

  • ~ The main feature – SCARF! A soft, warm, wrap around scarf that is a light beige with a slight shimmer of pink threads. It is finished with a neat fringe and is a classy addition to any wardrobe!
    ~ Sarris Candy – Red Petite Heart Filled with Assorted Chocolates
    ~ Cookie Crush – Heart Sugar Cookies w/ Pink Sugar (15 cookies)
    ~ Betsy Ann Chocolates – Oversized Chocolate Bar, Milk Chocolate
    ~ Nicholas Coffee Roasters – Pack of Ground Coffee, Vanilla Buttercream
    ~ Delallo Italian Specialites – Vanilla, Almond Biscotti, Mini (6 cookies)
    ~ Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares – Assorted Flavors (2 squares)
    ~ Packaged in a tray and finished with Valentine's Day Decor!
    Artificial Roses and Heart Ribbon



Valentine’s Day Recipe
* 4 small kisses
* 6 giant hugs
* 1 cup kindness
* 2 cups of love
* 5 tsp of happiness
* 2+ caring hearts

~ Mix together and spread the LOVE!!!

The soft and pretty gift is unique and classy. It is popular so order early!

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