Welcome Home, Pittsburgh

  • ~Novelty Home Box
    ~Pittsburgh Engraved Wooden Cheeseboard
    ~New Moon Beginnings – Crystal and Herb Positive Energy Candle
    * Perfect for bringing positive energy to a new home!
    ~Natrona Champayno – Non-Alcoholic Champagne
    ~Quality Tea Towel
    ~Parma Sausage Co. – Tuscan Salami
    ~Sugarbush Cheese – Smoked Cheddar
    ~Large Box of Water Crackers
    ~UTZ – Riceworks Gourmet Chips > Sea Salt
    ~Mediterra Bakehouse – Macaroon Cookie
    ~Finished with a bow.



This is a perfect gift for someone who is new to the Pittsburgh area or recently purchased a new home.  A  classy offering that has a nice keepsake and useful items for a new home owner – engraved cheeseboard, quality tea towel and a rosemary candle.

*Customize your gift with a “Welcome to Pittsburgh” ribbon.

*Popular gift with real estate agents.


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