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Pittsburgh made,
delightfully displayed!
Pittsburgh made, delightfully displayed!

Thinking of You

Thinking of You Basket
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Our unscientific and baseless research found that you can have up to 11 different thoughts per second, so send this basket to let someone know that you thought of them for at least 1/11 of a second today. The good news is that it’s the thought that counts (not how long the thought lasts!) . Don’t worry, if they ask us, we’ll say you thought about them all day!

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Thinking of YOU

Rustic Wooden Basket, Biscotti Brothers Pizzelles Vanillla, Apple Cookie Company Brownie (2) Pirouline Choc Hazelnut Wafers, Brownie Brittle – Chocolate Chip, Mediterra Bakehouse Gourmet Blueberry Muffin , NuGo Organic Bar Dark Chocolate Pretzel, George Howe Honey Roasted Peanuts,
Mochi Chocolate Mocha Latte, Chai Indian Spiced Latte, Fortunes Apple Cinnamon Tea Sachet, Abeille – Honey Sticks (3)