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Pittsburgh made,
delightfully displayed!
Pittsburgh made, delightfully displayed!

Steelers – Steel City Birthday

Steel CIty Birthday
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Birthdays come but once a year and what better gift is there than a black and gold birthday basket? Well, possibly a Mercedes or a BMW. But in the absence of a new luxury car, send this basket to your favorite Steelers fan and have them ring in their new found maturity Pittsburgh-style.

Basket of Pittsburgh is proud to support Beverly’s Birthdays. With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds will contribute to funding a Birthday Party for a child in need.

Take a Peek Inside...


Steeler Tin with Lid, Appleicious Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Football, Dave and Davis Black n Gold Popcorn – Caramel Popcorn with Black M n M's, George Howe Cranberry Nut Trail Mix, Schneiders Lemon Iced Tea, Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Black n Gold Drizzle (2), Nugo Vanilla Yogurt Organic Nutrition Bar, Eat N Park Smiley Cookie, Birthday Balloon.