A Speedy Recovery

  • ~Decorative Old Fashioned Doctor Box
    ~ Riceworks Gourmet Sundried Tomato Rice Chips
    ~Riceworks Gourmet Sea Salt Rice Chips
    ~ Jar of Sweet Heat Salsa
    ~Oversized Chocolate Co. Chocolate Chip Cookies (2)
    ~ Clark Bars
    ~ Smoked Cheddar Cheese
    ~ Parma Sausage Co. Pepperoni Stick
    ~Heinz Dijon Mustard
    ~ Box of Water Crackers
    ~ George Howe Co. Cranberry Supreme Trail Mix
    ~ Aleve Tablet Packets
    ~ Feel Better Soon Balloon
    ~ Finished with a bright bow.



Ready, Set, Get Better! This basket is just what the doctor ordered (therefore, pretend you’re a doctor when you order it – write sloppily all day and keep everyone waiting for at least an hour!) There is no doubt that this is the prescription for better days!

*Best Seller!



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