Soup for the Soul

  • ~Large Half Bushel – Burgundy
    ~Oversized White with Black Rim Soup Mug (2)
    ~Evelyn's Soups – Italian Wedding Soup
    ~Happy Valley Soup Company – Potato Cheese Soup
    ~Fresh Fruit – Pears (3)
    ~Beige and Plum Windowpane Quality Tea Towel
    ~Biscotti Brothers Vanilla Pizzelles (12)
    ~Artesian Gourmet Cinnamon Graham Pretzels
    ~Artesian Gourmet Chocolate Graham Pretzels
    ~Herbal Delight – Apple Crisp Dip Mix (great with graham pretzels!)
    ~Box of Crackers
    ~McSteven's Salted Caramel Cappuccino (2)
    ~Chocolate Hazelnut filled Pirouline Wafers (4)
    ~George Howe Co – Assorted Tack Candy (fills the soup bowl!)
    ~Two Pack of Assorted Teas
    ~Finished with a bow.



Soup warms the soul.  It’s nourishing. It’s comforting.  It’s uplifting.  A comfort food that feels like a hug.  Everyone loves soup so “Soup for the Soul” is one of the very best gifts that they will ever receive.  The oversize soup mugs are an awesome addition to the kitchen and they will remember your kindness every time they use them.


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