Somethin’ Fruity

  • ~ Apples (2)
    ~ Orange
    ~ Pear
    ~ Evelyn's Chicken Noodle Soup
    ~ Cheddar Cheese
    ~ Crackers
    ~ Everfresh Apple Juice
    ~ La Colombe Jasmine Tea
    ~ La Colombe Chamomile Tea
    ~ Honey Bear
    ~ Raaka Pink Sea Salt Chocolates (2)
    ~ Lindt Truffles (2)
    ~ Farmers Bushel Basket and Ribbon.



“AN APPLE A DAY, KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY” That old adage still holds true!

Apples come in a variety of shapes, colors, and flavors and provide a range of nutrients that can benefit many different aspects of a person’s health.

McIntosh, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Fugi, Honeycrisp…the delicious list goes on and on! Depending on the time of year, the apples may vary in the gift. Shoutout to the pear and orange that are also chock full of nutrients and included in this great gift too!