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A Pittsburgh Tradition,
Since 1984!
A Pittsburgh Tradition Since 1984!

Snugglebunny Baby – BOY

Snugglebunny Boy
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Research shows that a soft security object has a positive affect on children. This precious bunny will be the baby’s best buddy for years to come.  It will delight their sense of touch with the satin ears, fluffy fleece and the very popular dimple cuddle fleece (minky).    The Snugglebunny will be ‘the’ one that you won’t leave home without it.  In so many ways, this elegant gift keeps on giving as the Organic Baby Balm and the Organic Lavender Body Butter will keep baby and mom feeling soft and smooth.

Take a Peek Inside...

Snugglebunny Baby - BOY

White Boutique Box, Snugglebuddy – Blue, UNA Biologicals Organic Baby Balm, UNA Biologicals Lavendar Body Butter, Beautifully Wrapped with a Blue Bow.

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