Simply Blessed

  • ~Rustic Pumpkin Tin/ Planter
    ~Cookie Crush Company – Pumpkin Roll Cookies (12 Cookies)
    ~Betsy Ann Chocolate – Oversized Milk Chocolate Bar – Plain
    ~Besty Ann Chocolate – Oversized Milk Chocolate Bar – Krisp
    ~Besty Ann Chocolate – Oversized Dark Chocolate Bar
    ~George Howe Nut Co. – Bag of Cajun Assorted Nut Mix
    ~Pizootz – Salted, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
    ~George Howe Nut Co. – Bag of Dried, Sweet Pineapple
    ~Napkins – "Simply Blessed"
    ~Finished with Seasonal Decor and Ribbon



As fall approaches, the dwindling day light challenges us to slow our schedule a bit. And the leaf-bare trees remind us it’s normal to shed our excess and give ourselves a rest.  Mother Nature is a blessing and she shares her gifts of seasons with us daily.  This seasonal favorite is a nod to this time of year with the pumpkin theme and sweet/savory treats.

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