Pittsburgh Entertainer



This dish brings a perfect balance of beauty and whimsy to any table. A very classy presentation and quality items that will be sure to impress. The very popular square platter by THE DISH is embossed with black/gray renderings of some of the most iconic landmarks in Pittsburgh. This special gift will not only serve as an elegant piece for entertaining, it will also be a nice reminder of the senders kind heart and generous spirit.

*Very popular for welcome to Pittsburgh gifts, wedding gifts and realtor closing gifts.

What's Inside?

Pittsburgh Entertainer

~ Large White Square Plate by 'The Dish' featuring black/gray hand drawn landmarks of Pittsburgh around the edge of the plate.
~ Betsy Ann Chocolates > Oversized Milk Chocolate Bar
~ Parma Sausage Co. > Tuscan Salami
~ Sugarbush Smoked Cheddar Cheese
~ Millers Sweet and Spicy Mustard
~ Quality, Classy Tea Towel
~ Contents are presented on the dish, shrunk/ secured and finished with a beautiful bow.

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