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A Pittsburgh Tradition,
Since 1984!
A Pittsburgh Tradition Since 1984!

PGH n’at

PGH n'AT Gift brought to you by Basket of Pittsburgh
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All right yinz guys…this has to be the best gift in tahn.  It’s got Jag-off sauce in it!  I didn’t even know that was a thing. It has an irn city bottle opener too. For those of you that don’t know the definition of a jag-off, then yinz best buy this basket.  It has a yinzer dictionary that will bring you up to speed.

*NEW DESIGN in 2018!

Take a Peek Inside...

PGH n'at

~Basket of Pittsburgh Signature Incline Box (large)
~Drinking Glass – "It's a Burgh thing" and "Jagoff"
~Pittsburghese Yinzer Dictionary by Heinz History Museum
~Iron City Bottle Opener/ Refrigerator Magnet
~White Oval Magnet – PGH
~White Oval Magnet – N'AT
~Pittsburgh Incline Napkins
~Gourmet WIng Sauce – "Jag Off Sauce" – Sweet n Hot
~Sarris Milk Chocolate Bar – Crisp
~Pittsburgh Popcorn Chocolate Caramel Popcorn
~Eat N Park Smiley Cookie
~Heinz Ketchup
~Heinz Mustard
~Snyders Pittsburgh Pretzels
~Natrona Bottling Sugar Cane Root Beer 'Pop'
~Mallow Cup Candy Bar (made in Altoona)
~Finished with a black/gold bow.

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