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  • ~Illustrated PGH-BOX – Exclusive to BOP!!
    ~Evelyns's Elegant Edibles – Chicken Noodle Soup Mix (Delicious)
    ~Artesian Gourmet – Cinnamon Graham Pretzels
    ~Mediterra Bakehouse – Oversized Blueberry Muffin
    ~Mediterra Bakehouse – Oversized Cranberry Muffin
    ~Jenny Lee Bakery – Infamous Cinnamon Bread (1/2 Loaf)
    ~Everfresh Beverage – Bottle of Apple Juice
    ~Fresh Fruit – Apples (2)
    ~Fresh Fruit – Oranges (2)
    ~NuGo Protein Bars – Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip; Vegan/Gluten Free
    ~Apple Cookie Co. – Peanut Butter (2 Cookies)
    ~Apple Cookie Co. – Chocolate Chip (2 Cookies)
    ~Apple Cookie Co. – Snickerdoodle (2 Cookies)
    ~TEA – Green Tea (3)
    ~TEA – White Tea (3)
    ~Bedillion Honey – Local Honey, Sticks (3)
    ~Microwave Popcorn (2)



The ONE & ONLY……. PGH-BOX!                 (Only Available at BOP!)

Every PGH-BOX captures and embodies the spirit of Pittsburgh in a simple yet unique way.

From the iconic images on the outside, to every ‘Burgh favorite inside, this exclusive box is truly an original – a local one of kind.

Every twist & turn of the box brings genuine conversations, happy memories and the occasional internet search!  In the end, the results are typically a giggle, a smile or an a-ha moment!  It’s not just a gift, it’s an experience.

The PGH-BOX is the ultimate gift for any TRUE Pittsburgher (or Yinzer).  Near or far, send a smile today!


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