PGH-BOX > Kids

  • ~Illustrated PGH-BOX – Exclusive to BOP!!
    ~GAME – "Pickles to Penguins" – The quick-thinking picture-linking family party game! Ages 8+, 2+ players
    ~Artesian Gourmet – Bag of Cinnamon Graham Pretzels
    ~UTZ Snacks – Bag of Fried Dill Pickle Chips
    ~Sarris Candy – Milk Chocolate Bar, Crisp
    ~Sarris Candy – Milk Chocolate Bar, Almond
    ~Apple Cookie Co. – Chocolate Chip Cookies (4 cookies)
    ~Apple Cookie Co. – Snickerdoodle Cookies (4 cookies)
    ~Apple Cookie Co. – Peanut Butter Cookies (4 cookies)
    ~Movie Theatre Box Size – Swedish Fish
    ~Movie Theatre Box Size – Sour Patch Kids
    ~Candy – Oversized Nerds Rope (2)



Introducing…. PGH-BOX!

Basket of Pittsburgh is known for it’s innovative way to represent the culture of Pittsburgh in the form of a truly awesome gift!

The PGH-BOX captures the Pittsburgh spirit in a simple yet unique box. From the iconic images on the outside to the contents of everything Pittsburgh inside, this exclusive box is truly an original – a local one of a kind. Recipients will sit and gander at the box for long moments.. discussing it, turning it and twisting it with curiosity! It ignites conversation and in some cases a google search but in the end, the results are typically a giggle, a smile, or an a-ha moment!

Be the first to wow your recipients with this exciting new line by Basket of Pittsburgh. PGH-BOX.