Office Insta-Party

  • ~Large Oval Basket
    ~Two Ugly Mugs Salsa
    ~George Howe Co. Cranberry Supreme
    ~UTZ Pub Mix
    ~Reyna Tortilla Chips
    ~UTZ Mini Potato Chips (4)
    ~UTZ Peanut Butter Pretzels
    ~Beef Jerky Stick (3)
    ~DeLallo Raspberry Jam n' Jims (3)
    ~George Howe Co. Dried Pineapple
    ~Pittsburgh Popcorn – Chocolate Caramel
    ~Everfresh Honey Crisp Apple Juice (2)
    ~La Colombe Cold Brew Can
    ~DeLallo Raspberry Crunch Cookies
    ~That's IT Fruit Bar (3)
    ~Sarris Crisp Chocolate Bar (4)
    ~Sarris Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar (4)
    ~Scamps Toffee Milk Chocolate Toffee
    ~Powdered Sugar Cannoli Chips (2)
    ~Apple Co Brownie (4)
    ~Apple Co Chocolate Chip Cookie 2-pack (4)
    ~Apple Co Peanut Butter Cookie 2-pack (4)
    ~Cheddar or Swiss Cheese (2)
    ~Fresh Apples (2)
    ~Fresh Pears (2)
    ~Fresh Oranges (2)



Turn any occasion into a party with the Office Insta-Party basket! From savory to sweet, there is a treat for everyone!

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