Movie Night

  • ~ Large Movie Night Popcorn Tub
    ~ Artesian Gourmet > Cinnamon Graham Pretzels
    ~ UTZ > Mini Bag of Chips (3) Assorted Flavors
    ~ Microwave Popcorn (2)
    ~ Eat N Park > Smiley Cookie
    ~ Chocolate Chip Cookies (4)
    ~ Peanut Butter Cookies (4)
    ~ Sarris Candy > Milk Chocolate Almond Bar
    ~ Sarris Candy > Milk Chocolate Crisp Bar
    ~ Jumbo Box of Theater Movie Candy
    – Whoppers
    – Swedish Fish
    – Sour Patch Kids
    ~ Twizzlers – Strawberry
    ~ Airheads Taffy – Blue Raspberry and assorted flavors (4)
    ~ Old Fashioned Cowtail – Vanilla (4)
    ~ Mallow Cups (4)
    ~ Box of Nerds Candy
    ~ Nerds Rope- Very Berry …tied into bow!
    ~ Finished off with a beautiful colorful bow




Pittsburgh’s film industry dates back to 1914 and boasts the world’s first movie theater. Pittsburgh has been the location for more than 120 motion pictures and television productions since 1990 and currently is home to the largest sound stage outside Los Angeles and New York. Some of the most noteable productions are Silence of the Lambs, Hoffa and The Dark Knight Rises.
This gift is a nod to this new emerging industry in Western PA. Pass the popcorn please!

This gift is very popular for the film industry and corporate outings.
It can be customized with branded merch or literature.

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