*Let It Snow

  • ~Let It Snow Box
    ~Artesian Cinnamon and Honey Crackers
    ~Evelyns Creamy Potato Soup
    ~Tait Farm Foods Thumbprint Cookies Baking Mix
    ~Sandhill Berries Raspberry Jam
    ~McStevens Chai Latte Packets (2)
    ~S'mores Dessert Dip
    ~Ghiradelli Chocolates
    ~Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers
    ~Eat. Drink. Enjoy. Pot Holder Set
    ~Wooden Snowflake Ornament or Plate



Let it snow…let it snow….let it snow!!!

From 1880-current days, the snowiest years on record were 1950-1951 with 82 inches of snow.  The Western PA region averages about 27.1 inches during the winter season with February coming in as the snowiest month of the year!

This rustic and cozy gift is a new design for 2021 with limited quantities. This box extends its warmth with a thumb cookie mix the whole family can make together and enjoy. Order early!


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