Steelers – It’s Game Time

  • Silver Drink Bucket, Reyna Tortilla Chips, Sweet Heat Salsa, Snyders Pittsburgh Pretzels, Millers Spicy Mustard, Pittsburgh Popcorn Chocolate Covered Popcorn, George Howe Co. Cranberry Nut Trail Mix, Solid Chocolate Incline Medallion, Appleicious Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Football, Clark Bars (4), Steeler Beads, Steeler Can Koozie (2), Myron Cope Official Terrible Towel.



AUTHENTIC PITTSBURGH STEELER GIFTS. These gifts are designed and put together by long-time black and gold fans.

It’s what you’ve been waiting for since Friday after work; the rest of the weekend was a mere distraction to get you through to this moment in time. You would know the feeling anywhere – the butterflies in your stomach, the spring in your step, the sweat on your brow. Oh, yeah. IT’S GAME TIME! Steeler Koozie for IRN CITY. Check. Steeler Beads around neck. Check. Terrible Towel in back pocket for easy access to wave when Stillers make a TOUCHDOWN! CHECK!!!

Top Seller in the Steeler category.