It’s a PaRtY!!



Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to YOU!
Birthdays are a special day and everyone deserves to be celebrated.

This gift is colorful, fun and full of great goodies for a perfect birthday surprise. It doesn’t scream black and gold but still supports local companies and includes local favorites. It might be one of the best new designs for 2019! Be the first to send this new birthday bag to special someone near or far!

What's Inside?

It's a PaRtY!!

~Colorful "Happy Birthday" Tote with handles
~Sarris Candy Infamous Milk Chocolate "Hard Cap" from their Ice Cream Store – 16oz
What a grander finale to a fine meal than sweet, juicy strawberries dipped in dark or milk chocolate? Now this extravagant dessert is simple to create in your own kitchen with Sarris' new chocolate fondue and ice cream topping. Our hard cap comes in its own container, ready to microwave. Simply heat until the fondue is melted and creamy. Spoon generous dollops over your favorite ice cream and it hardens into a rich chocolate shell. Or use it for dipping pieces of bananas, cookies, angel food cake and other sweets for a creamy, smooth dessert treat.
*Hardens on cold desserts only.
~JOY Ice Cream Cones (largest ice cream cone company in the world!)
~Delallo Cookie Crush – "Happy Birthday" Sugar Cookies (12)
~Sarris Candy – Happy Birthday Milk Chocolate Bar
~Color Flame Birthday Cake Candles
"Candles that burn in a rainbow of bright flame colors!"
Paraffin wax candles with color polka dot design to correspond with flame color. Set of 12 includes 1 each of the following colors: red, blue, pink, green, purple, yellow. Set also includes 12 plastic candle holders for cake.
~Natrona Bottling Red Ribbon Sugar Cane Soda – Red Cherry (2)
~Finished with colorful bow and party decor!

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