Italian Dinner – Pittsburgh Style!

  • ~ Natural Bushel Basket with Handles
    ~ Jenny Lee Bakery > Artisan Bread – Tomato Basil
    ~ Mia Cucina Handmade Pasta – Basil Flavor
    ~ Delallo Italian Specialities > Four Cheese Tortellini
    ~ Evenlyn's Edibles – Italian Wedding Soup Mix
    ~ Monte Cello Restaurants > Traditional Marinara Sauce
    ~ Delallo Italian Specialties > Sea Salt Grissini Bread Sticks
    ~ Mancini's > Sweet Red Pepper Bruschetta
    ~ Italian Specialities > Homestyle Recipe – Pepperoni Stick
    ~ Penn Mac Dipping Oil – Italian Gusto
    ~ Nunny's Italian Dressing > Balsamic or White Balsamic (NEW! Popular!)
    ~ Con Yeager Spice > Meatball Spice Mix Packet
    ~ Mediterra Bakehouse > Gourmet Hazelnut Biscotti
    ~ Biscotti Brothers > Pizzelles – Vanilla (12)
    ~ Quality Tea Towel Italian Themed >
    Tomatoes or Red Check
    ~ Finished with a ribbon



There was a time when the malls were closed on Sunday and everyone went to Grandma’s for dinner! This bushel is packed tight with all of Pittsburgh favorite Italian specialties. In fact, there is enough in this basket for two family dinners! Tortellini, Rigatoni, Brushetta, Marinara Sauce, Dipping Oil, Biscotti…etc! Pick up some hot fresh italian bread and dinner is DONE!

*TIP.  Use the Jenny Lee bread with the sauce and pepperoni to make mini-pizza’s!  YUM.

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