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Pittsburgh made, delightfully displayed!

Italian Dinner – Pittsburgh Style!

Italian Dinner - Pittsburgh Style!
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There was a time when the malls were closed on Sunday and everyone went to Grandma’s for dinner! This bushel is packed tight with all of Pittsburgh favorite Italian specialties. In fact, there is enough in this basket for two family dinners! We have even included Franco Harris famous “Immaculate Lasagna Recipe”, lasagna noodles and sauces. Tortellini, Rigatoni, Vodka Sauce, Brushetta, Marinara Sauce, Dipping Oil…etc! Pick up some hot fresh baked bread and dinner is DONE!

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Italian Dinner - Pittsburgh Style!

Natural Bushel Basket with Handles, Delallo Rigatoni, Delallo Four Cheese Tortellini, Delallo Lasagna Noodles, Delallo Vodka Sauce, Monte Cello Marinara Sauce, Delallo Round Crostino, Penn Mac Dipping Oil, Red Bull Italian Dressing, Nina Vanilla Biscotti (2), Herbal Delights Apple Crisp Dip Mix, Con Yeager Spice Meatball Spice Mix Packet, Biscotti Brothers Vanilla Pizzelle (12), 'Apple Red' Quality Red Waffle Tea Towel, Red-White Check Poly Napkin, Franco Harris "Immaculate" Lasagna Recipe Card.


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