• ~ Low Natural Bushel Basket
    ~ Santa "HOHOHO" Containter
    ~ Delallo Italian Foods – Pizza Sauce
    ~ Delallo Italian Foods – Pizza Dough Kit
    ~ Sarris Candy – Petit Box of Assorted Chocolates
    ~ Sarris Candy – Milk Chocolate Hard Cap (Delicious over ice cream or for dipping fruit!)
    ~ UTZ – Bag of Apple Chips
    ~ That's IT – Natural Fruit Bars (2)
    ~ Everfresh Juice > Honeycrisp Apple
    ~ Red Velvet Hot Cocoa
    ~ Fresh Fruit – Delicious Red or Green Apple
    ~ Bag of Yogurt Dipped Mini Pretzels
    ~ Candy Sticks – Peppermint
    ~ Holiday Decor
    ~ Finished with a beautiful ribbon



“Ho Ho Ho” just brings a smile to your face when you say it! Try it. :).

So why HOHOHO?
There is actually a deeper meaning to Ho-Ho-Ho. Literally deeper. It’s a deep chuckling sound that comes from the belly. And Santa is a guy with a large belly, so this was considered the most appropriate jolly laughter onomatopoeia (which is a name for words that sound like the thing they mean) to choose for him.

And, this gift basket is so colorful, happy and full of healthy and sweet treats, it deserves
the name “HO-HO-HO.” Send it to someone this holiday, it will definitely brighten their day!

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