Grill Mate



The Grill Mate is the prefect grilling companion! Heat up any backyard barbeque with this basket and be the hit of the neighborhood! Even the most novice of grillers will be a sure-fire success with this grill mate, and you don’t even have to take unsolicited grilling advice from it like you do your neighbors!

*Very popular summer gift!!


What's Inside?


~ Rustic Wooden Distressed Box
~ Quality Tea Towel – "BBQ Fun"
~ Pittsburgh Sports (HOT) Sauce (Award Winner)
~ The Infamous Colony Steak Sauce
~ Premium Spice Company > Cajun Seasoning
~ Premium Spice Company > Wing Dust
~ Heinz Mustard
~ Heinz Ketchup
~ Schneiders Lemon Iced Tea
~ George Howe Co. > Bag of Cajun Nut Mix
~ UTZ Select > Butter Pretzel Sticks
~ Finished with a bow

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