Tailgate Party

  • ~ Red Wooden Rustic Crate
    ~ Quality BBQ Pot Holder
    ~ Quality BBQ Fun Tea Towel
    ~ Bamboo Skewers
    ~ Steel CIty Salt – Black & Gold Blend (2.6oz)
    ~ Evelyn's Edibles > New York Style Chili Dog Sauce Mix
    ~ The Infamous Colony Steak Sauce
    ~ Pittsburgh Sports (HOT) Sauce (Award Winning Hot Sauce – #1)
    ~ Premium Spice Company- Cajun Seasoning
    ~ Premium Spice Company- Wing Dust
    ~ Red Bull Italian Dressing (Delicious Marinade for Chicken!)
    ~ Schneiders Lemon Tea
    ~ Snyders Pittsburgh Pretzels
    ~ George Howe Co. > Burlap Sack of Salted, Roasted Shell Peanuts
    ~ Finished with a bow.


This gift is full of summer fun- Pittsburgh style!  Grillin' and Chillin'!


The smell of charcoal is in the air and there is enough lighter fluid near the grill to set the three rivers on fire! The men have assembled around the man-stove, (otherwise known as the grill) and are ready to begin. The only thing required is the “Grill Master” and with this gift, they have everything required for a fabulous cook-out.  The bragging rights earned from the Grill Master will be well worth its weight in charcoal.