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Pittsburgh made, delightfully displayed!

Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out!
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A well known Female Bonding ritual has existed since the beginning of time: The Girls Day Out. It is a simple combination where mothers and daughters, girlfriends and best friends, sisters and roommates take a reprieve from the stress of life and delight in the company of each other. There are immense amounts of talking, giggling and complaining, usually shared over lunch, a nail appointment, or a trip to the mall. After the encounter, the women will emerge happier, more balanced and ready to return to the world of both sexes. Warning to men: it is advised not to interfere with such outings, as many men have tried to in the past and have never been heard from again.

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Girls Day Out!

White Square XL Box with Decorative Embellishments, Sparkling Cider, Betsy Ann Sea Salt Caramel Pretzels, Pittsburgh Popcorn Co. Caramel Popcorn with Peanuts, George Howe Co. Trail Mix, Fortunes Burgh Blend Coffee, Apple Cookie and Chocolate Co. Brownies (2), Nini’s Homemade Vanilla Biscotti