Fresh Cut Trees

  • ~Fresh Cut Trees Printed Container
    ~Pittsburgh Popcorn – Bag of Caramel Popcorn (2)
    ~George Howe Nut Co – Cranberry Supreme Mixed Nut Mix
    ~Sarris Candy – Milk Chocolate Bar – Crisp
    ~Sarris Candy – Milk Chocolate Bar – Almond
    ~UTZ – Fried Pickle Dill Pickle Chips
    ~NuGo Nutrition Bars – Chocolate Chocolate Chips (Gluten Free, Vegan)
    ~NuGo Nutrition Bars – Brownie Crunch Slim (Low Calorie, Gluten Free)
    ~Apple Cookie Co – Chocolate Chips Cookies (2)
    ~George Howe Nut Co – Salted, Roasted, Whole Cashews
    ~George Howe Nut Co – Dried, Sweet Pineapple
    ~Natrona Bottling Red Ribbon Soda – Cherry
    ~Natrona Bottline Red Ribbon Soda – Root Beer
    ~Wrapped up with Seasonal Decor and Ribbon



In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, the ritual of a real Christmas tree captures the genuine spirit of the holidays. Decorating with live greens is an important way to connect with tradition, and to pass the special feeling of Christmas along to another generation.

The fragrance of a fresh-cut Christmas tree really sets the mood for an old-fashioned family Christmas season. As convincing as some of today’s fake trees are, a real, live tree has another dimension that nothing man-made can replace. Live greens truly bring you closer to the spirit of the season.  This gift was designed with a nod to that tradition.  Order today!

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