College Cravings!!

  • A Box FILLED with a College Students Favorite Goodies!!!

    – Smart Water for proper hydration

    Caffeine, Caffeine, Caffeine….
    – 5 Hour Energy
    – Coffee K-cups
    – Mochi Chocolate Infused Mocha Latte
    – Gourmet Salted Caramel Cappuccino Mix

    A little bit of health…
    – That's IT Fruit Bars (2) assorted fruit flavors
    – NuGo Nutrition Bar – Vanilla Yogurt
    – NuGo Nutrition Bar – Dark Chocolate Pretzel
    – George Howe Co. > Cranberry Supreme Nut Mix

    For mental endurance….
    – Reyna's Bag of Handmade Corn Tortilla Chips
    – Two Ugly Mugs > Jar of Sweet Heat Salsa
    – Snyder's Mini Pretzels (2)
    – Microwave Popcorn (2)
    – Jenny Lee > Cinnamon Swirl Bread

    Goodies for stress relief….
    – Mallow Cup (2)
    – Sarris Candy Bar – Peanut Butter
    – Sarris Candy Bar – Crispy
    – Theater Box – Sour Patch Kids
    – Theater Box – Whoppers
    – Theater Box – Swedish Fish
    – Double Chocolate Brownies w/ Chocolate Chips (2)
    – Tasty Peanut Butter Cookies (2)
    – Delicious Snickerdoodle Cookies (2)

    For smiles….
    – Eat N Park Smiley Cookies (2)

    – Fake "Diploma" style message rolled with a red bow and a Dr. Seuss saying…
    You have BRAINS in your HEAD.
    You have FEET in your SHOES.
    You can STEER yourself any
    ~ Dr. Seuss

    ~ Finished with a school spirit bow.



Your once precious baby is now in college and about to enter into a crazy, stressful week of FINALS!  Let them know that you are proud and wish them luck by sending this awesome box full of their favorite goodies.  It will nourish their brain power while they are cramming for the exams!  It is plentiful enough to share with the entire study group or a roommate.  This is sure to get you the “Cool Parent Award!”

Ship nationally OR hand delivered locally to all of the Pittsburgh universities…

Carlow University, Carnegie Mellon University, CCAC, Chatham University, Duquesne University, LaRoche College, Point Park University, Robert Morris University, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Technical College.

For local delivery, we will finish it off with a bow in the appropriate school spirit colors!

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