SomeBunny Special



This colorful and fun Easter gift will have you hopping around all day!  (especially if you indulge in all of these delicious treats!)  The variety of goodies are not only adorable but are all of our favorite sweets.  Give the ol’ Easter Bunny a hand and send this gift to someone special today!


What's Inside?

SomeBunny Special

~ Easter Gift Box
~ Sarris Chocolate Bunny on a Stick
~ Chocolate Covered Oreos w/ Spring Colored Drizzle and Sparkle Sugar
~ Appleicous Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Bunny
~ Rice Krispy Chocolate Covered Egg
~ Appleicious Chocolate Covered Cookie – Chick and Bunny
~ Pittsburgh Popcorn Chocolate Covered Pretzels
~ Fabulous Cookie Chocolate Chip Cookies
~ Easter Egg filled with Jumbo Jelly Beans

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