Downtown Delights

  • ~Seagrass Basket
    ~Sugarbush > Block of Smoked Cheddar Cheese
    ~Tait Farms > Ginger Peach Chutney
    ~Box of Crackers
    ~Biscotti Bros > Bag of Mini Almond Biscotti
    ~Market District K-Cups > Assorted Flavors (2)
    ~Fabulous Cookie – Snickerdoodles (3)
    ~Eat N Park > Smiley Cookie
    ~Finished with a bow.



Know someone that deserves something delightful? Maybe they need a little encouragement, a little praise, or just a little something to let them know how much you care. This basket offers the perfect combination of sweet, salty and tangy that create a flavor combination that is well, nothing less than delightful! No matter if you’re Uptown, East Town, or No Town, Downtown Delights are sure to please.


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