Cookies for Santa – Small

  • ~Red / White Peppermint Striped Tray
    ~Old Fashioned Cookie Jar "Fresh Homemade Cookies"
    – Ceramic – Removable Sealed Lid to ensure freshness. There are a dozen
    cookies in the jar. Surprise!!
    ~Apple Co. Cookies – Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles
    – 12 assorted cookies
    ~Cookie Crush Peppermint Snap Cookies (12)
    ~Red Velvet Hot Cocoa (3)
    ~Holiday Tea Towel or Pot Holder – for next batch of cookies!!!
    ~Bag of Peppermint Sticks
    ~Appleicious Marshallow Snowman Stick
    ~Sarris Box of Assorted Chocolates
    ~Holiday Napkins "Ho Ho Ho" (perfect to collect cookie crumbs!)
    ~Red/White "Ho Ho Ho" Bow!


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Around the world, the holidays are a special and festive time with family and friends.  It can certainly be crazy at times but the moments of peace and serenity are treasured and unlike any other day in the year.  There is a sense of ‘calm’ that is hard to describe in words.  This precious and classy holiday gift can offer some simplicity and peace to the holidays this year. It pops with color – red and white and, it is filled with delicious cookies and treats that will bring happiness to all. Recipients have raved about this gift!

Limited quantities available. Book early.

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