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Pittsburgh made,
delightfully displayed!
Pittsburgh made, delightfully displayed!

Coffee and Tea Connoisseur

Coffee and Tea Connoisseur
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Bring the sophisticated vibe of your favorite coffee and tea house to your friends and family! Sip a bit, nibble a bit more, maybe even pair this basket with a good book on a rainy day (goodness knows we have enough of those in Pittsburgh!). Nothing is better than sharing a cup of coffee or tea with a good friend…and if you send this basket, they may just invite you over to share! Think of it as a bonus for you!!!

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Coffee and Tea Connoisseur

~Oval Woven Seagrass Basket
~Steel Cup Coffee Black and Gold Blend
~Fortunes Coffee – Burgh Blend
~Nicholas Coffee Columbian Supremo
~Nicholas Decaf Coffee French Vanilla
~Mochi Chocolate Mocha Latte
~Chai Indian Spiced Latte
~Honey Sticks (2)
~Pittsburgh Breakfast Loose Tea
~George Howe "After-Coffee" Pastel Chocolate Mints