Coffee and Tea Connoisseur

  • ~Beautiful White Wooden Distressed Basket
    ~Nicholas Coffee Co. – Columbian Medium Roast/1.5 oz
    ~Steel Cup Organic Coffee- Honduras Light Roast Blend
    ~Steel Cup Organic Coffee- Colombia Medium Roast Blend
    ~Market District K-Cups > Assorted Flavors (3)
    ~Assortment of Quality Tea Favorites – LaColombe/Teatulia (3)
    ~Bedillion Honey > Honey Bear (local honey is great for immunity)
    ~Jenny Lee Bakery > Cinnamon Sticky Bun with Icing (2)
    ~ Delallo Italian Specialties – Almond or Cinnamon Flavored Mini Biscotti
    ~Marich Pancrafted Chocolates – Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
    ~Snickerdoodle Cookies – Individually Packaged (4)
    ~Finished with a classy ribbon



Send this sophisticated vibe of your favorite coffee and tea to your friends and family! Sip a bit, nibble a little, maybe even pair this basket with a good book on a rainy day (goodness knows we have enough of those in Pittsburgh!).  This special gift features Steel Cup Coffee that is an ORGANIC coffee which is all the rage today.

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