Classy Pittsburgh



Contrary to popular belief: Yinzers are the classiest bunch around! In fact, this basket is so classy the recipient will think you live in a Manhattan Penthouse (or at least the Heinz Lofts in the Strip)!

*For many many years, BEST-SELLER.

What's Inside?

Classy Pittsburgh

~Gold Shiny Striped Rectangle Tray
~Cookie Crush Chocolate Florentine Cookies (16) (#1 seller!)
~George Howe Cranberry Nut Supreme Trail Mix (8oz)
~Artesian Gourmet Cinnamon Graham Pretzels
~Betsy Ann Bag of Sea Salt Caramel Pretzels
~Sarris Gold Box of Assorted Chocolates
~Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer (8)
~Tait Farms Raspberry Shrub with Recipe Card
– Delicious flavoring for sparkling water or cocktails!
~Finished with an elegant bow.

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