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Pittsburgh made,
delightfully displayed!
Pittsburgh made, delightfully displayed!

City of Champions

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Here we go Black and Gold! Wave a terrible towel in one hand and a Penguin champion towel in the other, drink from a Pirates Travel Mug and eat everything in sight during your favorite game. This basket is a constant reminder of how wonderful it is to live in the City of Champions! When life gets you down, just remember that it could be worse… you could live in Cleveland!


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City of Champions

Natural Bushel Basket with Wire Handles, Davis and Davis “Black n Gold Popcorn” – Caramel Popcorn with Black M n M’s, George Howe Burlap Sack of Dry Roasted Shelled Peanuts, Snyders Pittsburgh Pretzels, Pittsburgh Dad Mustard, Artesan Gourmet Cinnamon Honey Graham Pretzels, Natrona Bottling Root Beer (2), Apple Cookie Company Chocolate Chip Cookies (2), Appleicous Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Black n Gold Drizzle (2), Pirate Travel Tumbler, Pirate Fan Pin, Penguin Decal, Penguin “Stanley Cup Champions” Black Rally Towel, Trello Candy “Steeler Chocolate Bar”, Myron Cope’s Official Terrible Towel.