Christmas Candy Blast

$40.00 $38.00


An intense sugar rush is on the way with our over-the-top candy blast basket! It is filled with holiday favorite treats and some sweet Pittsburgh staples! This basket of goodies will be sure to bring a smile!

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What's Inside?

Candy Blast - Christmas

~ Reusable Red Tin with Handle
~ Mini Smiley Cookie
~ Cow Tales – Vanilla (2)
~ Cow Tales Strawberry (2)
~ Airheads (6)
~ Nerds Rope (2)
~ Mallow Cup (1)
~ Fun Dip (2)
~ Whoppers Movie Theater Box
~ Sour Patch Kids Movie Theater Box
~ Swedish Fish Movie Theater Box
~ Sarris Crisp Chocolate Bar
~ Sarris Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar
~ Candy Sticks (2)
~ George Howe Co. Yogurt Pretzels
~ Appleicious Christmas Marshmallow Snowman
~ Strawberry Twizzlers

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