*Christmas Candy Blast

  • ~ Reusable Red Tin with Handle
    ~ Mini Smiley Cookie
    ~ Cow Tales – Vanilla (2)
    ~ Cow Tales Strawberry (2)
    ~ Airheads (6)
    ~ Nerds Rope (2)
    ~ Mallow Cup (1)
    ~ Fun Dip (2)
    ~ Whoppers Movie Theater Box
    ~ Sour Patch Kids Movie Theater Box
    ~ Swedish Fish Movie Theater Box
    ~ Sarris Crisp Chocolate Bar
    ~ Sarris Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar
    ~ Candy Sticks (2)
    ~ George Howe Co. Yogurt Pretzels
    ~ Appleicious Christmas Marshmallow Snowman
    ~ Strawberry Twizzlers



This gift is chock full of everyone’s favorite candies.  It is filled with holiday favorite treats and some sweet Pittsburgh staples! This colorful and fun basket is loaded with with goodies that are sure to bring a smile!

*Visit the “Customize My Gift” tab to make this gift extra special by personalizing it!

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