Chocolate Lovers

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    ~Oval Woven Seagrass Basket
    ~Artesian Gourmet- Bag of Chocolate Graham Pretzels
    ~Sarris Candy- Box of Signature Chocolate Covered Pretzels (7 oz.) (favorite!)
    ~George J Howe Company- Bag of Mixed Nuts and Chocolate M n' M's
    ~Delallo Italian Specialties "Cookie Crush" Brand – Chocolate Florentine Lace Cookies
    (approximately 15-18 cookies)
    ~Moonshine Chocolate Bars- Assorted Truffle Flavors
    ~Sarris Candy- Milk Chocolate Bar – Crisp (2)
    ~Sarris Candy- Milk Chocolate Bar – Almond (2)
    ~Betsy Ann Chocolates – Oversized Milk Chocolate Bar – Plain
    ~Betsy Ann Chocolates – Oversized Milk Chocolate Bar – Crisp
    ~Besty Ann Chocolates – Oversized Milk Chocolate Bar – Dark
    ~Scamps Toffee- Delicious Milk Chocolate Toffee
    ~Marich Pancrafted Chocolates – Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
    ~Apple Cookie Company – Chocolate Chip Cookies (4 Cookies)
    ~Apple Cookie Company – Double Chocolate Brownie (2 Brownies)
    ~Raaka Chocolate Bites – 100% Cocoa – Organic, Kosher, Vegan (2)
    ~Finished with seaonal decor and a classy ribbon.



BEST SELLER! Best chocolate gift!

“Chocolate – a delicious cure for a bad day!”

This classy gift is every chocolate lovers dream come true!  It offers a variety of chocolate delights that will make even the most passionate “choco-holic” smile from ear to ear.

This is a very popular gift.  Large quanities available.

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