Chocolate Fanatic

  • ~Large low bushel basket
    ~Sarris Candy- Chocolatier Box of Assorted Chocolates
    ~Sarris Candy- Box of Signature Chocolate Covered Pretzels (7 oz.)
    ~Best Ever Granola- Locally Sourced Granola (Made with PA Maple Syrup!)
    ~Betsy Ann Bag of Sea Salt Caramel Pretzels
    ~Artesian Gourmet- Chocolate Graham Pretzels
    ~Chocolate Moonshine Bars- Assorted Truffle Flavors
    ~Delallo Cookie Crush- White Chocolate Raspberry Crunch Cookies (12)
    ~Delallo Cookie Crush- Milk Chocolate Florentine Lace Cookies (12)
    ~Sarris Candy – Petite Box of Assorted Chocolates
    ~George J Howe Company- Cajun Trail Mix
    ~Scamps Toffee- Delicious Milk Chocolate Toffee (2)
    ~Betsy Ann- Chocolate Covered Oreos (2)
    ~Betsy Ann- Gold Oversized Milk Chocolate Bar (2)
    ~Betsy Ann- Copper Oversized Milk Chocolate Crisp Bar (2)
    ~Whoppers- Milk Chocolate Covered Malted Milk Balls
    ~Sarris Candy- Peanut Butter Meltaway Bars (2)
    ~NuGo Nutrition Bar – Brownie Crunch (2)
    ~NuGo Nutrition Bar- Chocolate Chip (2)
    ~Double Chocolate Brownie- Individually Packaged (4)
    ~Chocolate Chip Cookies – Individually Packaged (4)
    ~Sarris Candy- Milk Chocolate Almond Bar (4)
    ~Sarris Candy-Milk Chocolate Crisp Bar (4)
    ~McSteven's- Mochi Mocha Latte Drink Mix (4)
    ~Marich Pancrafted Chocolates – Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (2)
    ~Cubetti- Creme Wafer Cookies (3)
    ~Raaka Chocolate Bites – Organic, Kosher, Vegan (8)
    ~Finished with a beautiful bow



If you know a chocolate lover, this is the very best gift for them!  It has the ultimate variety from the very very best regional chocolatiers.  Chocolate is known to have positive impact on health…. especially mental health!  :). This is a VERY popular gift for large groups, office break rooms and nurses stations.

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