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A Pittsburgh Tradition,
Since 1984!
A Pittsburgh Tradition Since 1984!

*Black Widow

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Historically it seems spiders association with Halloween is linked to their connection with witches. Spiders, along with black cats, bats and rats were believed to be evil companions of witches during the Middle Ages.

Reinforcing this image are the iconic landmarks associated with Halloween such as haunted houses, graveyards, dungeons and creepy caves, all of which house their own array of spiders and spider webs.

This gift is our take on the halloween tradition and a nod to the black widow spider.

Take a Peek Inside...

Black Widow

~ Round, Silver and Sparkle Tin with Handles
~ Cookie Crush – Chocolate Florentine Cookies (16)
~ Sarris Candy – Petite Box of Assorted Chocolates
~ Apple Cookie Co. – Chocolate Chip Cookies (4)
~ Betsy Ann Chocolates – Oversized Dark Chocolate Bar
~ Scamps Toffee – Bag of Milk Chocolate/Toffee
~ George Howe Co. – Bag of Dried Pineapple
~ Halloween Decor
~ Finished with a Purple Bow and Plastic Spider

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