Birthday Party Box

  • ~White Tray
    ~Sarris Candy > Milk Chocolate Candy Bar
    ~Cookie Crush > Happy Birthday Sugar Cookies (12)
    ~Fresh Fruit > Apple
    ~Fresh Fruit > Orange
    ~Sarris Candy > Milk Chocolate Almond Bar
    ~Sarris Candy > Milk Chocolate Crisp Bar
    ~Eat N Park > Smiley Cookie
    ~Natrona Bottling – Red Ribbon Sugar Cane Soda –
    Root Beer or Cherry
    ~Raaka Dark Chocolate Bites – Vegan, Organic (3)
    ~Maui Jewels Tropical Fruit Bites (3)
    ~Birthday Tag, Birthday Ribbon and colorful ribbon



“Happy Birthday to you” is the most traditional jingle….
But, there are many others who have made their musical contribution
to this very special day. It is an impressive list that includes top artists
like THE BEATLES, Stevie Wonder, Loretta Lynne, 50 Cent, Destiny’s Child
and even Weird Al Yankovic! As well, this gift has an impressive list
of items! It is fresh, fruity, healthy, colorful, sweet and unique!

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