Backyard Bites

  • – Wooden basket with leather handles
    – Big Shot Bob's – Homemade Wings Sauce (12oz)
    – 'Two Ugly Mugs'- Sweet & Spicy Salsa (16oz)
    – Reyna's – Tortilla Chips
    – Sugarbush Farms – Smoked Cheddar Cheese Block (4oz)
    – Delallo Italian Specialities – Short Stick Pepperoni
    – Everlyn's – Chili Dog Sauce Mix
    – UTZ – Cylinder of Pub Mix Snacks
    – Apple Cookie Co. – Snickerdoodles (4)
    – Strawberry Lemonade Mix Packets (2)
    – Jim Beam Bourbon Fudge Bites (3)
    – Tea Towel – BBQ Fun Theme
    – Exclusive – Pittsburgh Incline Napkins
    – Decorated with Summer Decor and Seasonal Ribbon



The summer months are a cherished time of year in Southwestern PA.   The lush green landscape with the warmth of the sun create the desire for outdoor activities.  Grilling is a number one choice!  This exclusive gift has popular local goods for a great backyard BBQ!

Check out our Backyard Bites XL that includes more snacks, wing dusts, and more!

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