All American Dad



We all know the “All American Dad” when we see him.  He is simple, proud, firm and loving in his own silly way.  He loves his family, his country and is the hardest working guy you know in town.  Beer is his favorite beverage and the american flag flies outside his home.  These dads get their hands dirty in all sorts of ways and bear hug their loved ones dirt and all.  Whether he wears Levis, overalls, a uniform, scrubs, camouflage or a suit, this unique gift represents all of those great men.


What's Inside?

All American Dad

~ Rustic Maroon Wooden Crate
~ Parma Sausage Co. > Pepperoni Stick
~ Sugarbush Cheese > Smoked Cheddar Cheese Block
~ Two Ugly Mugs Co. > Jar of Sweet Heat Salsa
~ Reyna Foods > Premium Tortilla Chips
~ George Howe Nuts> Roasted, Salted Whole Cashews
~ George Howe Nuts> Cajun Style Mixed Nuts
~ Evelyn's Edibles >New York Style Chili Dog Sauce Mix
~ Premium Spices> Cajun Style Seasoning
(Hot Dogs not included)
~ Heinz Hospitality Jar of Ketchup
~ Clark Candy Bar
~ Box of Cracker Jacks
~ Natrona Bottling > Red Ribbon
Natural Sugar Cane Soda > Cherry
~ Apple Cookie Company – Chocolate Chip Cookies (2)
~ Appleicious > Chocolate Covered Oreos – Baseballs
~ DADS Candy – Rootbeer Barrels
~ Finished with a Red, White and Blue Ribbon

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