Strictly Pittsburgh


Just as the name implies, this basket is as Pittsburgh as it gets! The only way it could be more authentic is to add some Steelers tickets, Primanti sandwich, river water and a PAT bus pass!

Strictly Pittsburgh

~Basket of Pittsburgh Signature Trade Marked Incline Box keepsake featured in a Natural Bushel Basket
~Jar of Steel City Chili Starter
~Pittsburgh Sports Sauce (Hot Sauce) -First Place Award Winner
~Heinz Ketchup Mini Bottle
~Snyders – Bag of "Pittsburgh Pretzels"
~UTZ Chips – Bag of Fried Pickle Potato Chips
~George Howe Co. – Burlap Sack of Salted Roasted Peanuts
~Pittsburgh Popcorn – Caramel Popcorn
~George Howe Nut Co. – Salted, Roasted Whole Cashews
~Delallo Italian Specialties – Almond Biscotti Mini's- 2 pack
~Arnold Palmer's Famous Iced Tea/Lemonade (2)
~Eat N Park – Signature Smiley Cookie (Large)
~Sarris Candy > Milk Chocolate Bar – Crisp
~Sarris Candy > Milk Chocolate Bar – Almond
~Boyer Candy > Mallow Cup (made in Altoona!)
~Oval Magnet – YINZ
~Oval Magnet – N'AT/JAGOFF
~Gold Notepad with Incline Design
~Black/Gold Pittsburgh Pen
~Basket of Pittsburgh signature Incline Napkins
~Finished with a beautiful bow

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