Family FUN Night!


It is time for some family time and this gift is the perfect kick-off to some great memories!!  This bushel is packed with everything you need for a fun night.  It includes some games to stir up a little family friendly little competition.  The pizza dough kit will get everyone involved in the kitchen and fill some bellies with delicious comfort food.  The Three Little PIGSburghers book will bring some extra giggles to the evening.  It is the traditional story but is done Pittsburgh style and of course, written in “Pittsburghese.”  We hope that this gift slows everyone down and promotes some good ol’ family time! * NEW DESIGN!

Family FUN Night!

~Bushel Basket with Handles
~Pittsburgh Playing Cards
~Pittsburgh Puzzle
~"3 Little PIGsburghers" Book (3 Little Pigs Story – Pittsburgh Style. Cute!)
~Pickle Flavored Hard Tack Candy (actually very good!)
~Delallo Pizza Dough Kit
~Delallo Pizza Sauce
~Parma Sausage Co. – Pepperoni Stick
~Reyna's Tortilla Chips
~Two Ugly Mugs "Sweet Heat" Salsa
~Microwave Popcorn (2)
~Artesian Gourmet Cinnamon Graham Pretzels
~George Howe Cranberry Supreme Trail Mix
~Fabulous Cookie – Snickerdoodle (2)
~Betsy Ann Gourmet Licorice Bites
~Twizzlers – Red Strawberry (2)
~Sour Patch Kids Theatre Box
~Cow Tails – Various Flavors (4)
~Nerds Rope
~ Finished with a colorful bow.

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