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Pittsburgh made,
delightfully displayed!
Pittsburgh made, delightfully displayed!

Born to Be a Football Fan

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The good news kid, is that you were not born in Cleveland! Phew, life will be a breeze from now on considering you were born into the Black and Gold! Steelers fever will run through your veins, just as it has for so many since the beginning of Steelers Nation. Before long, you’ll be painting your face, screaming at the TV and wallpapering your house with Terrible Towels…just like your parents. Here’s a head start because we know that you were Born To Be A Steelers Football Fan!

Basket Contents

Black Paperboard Tray, Steelers Baby Bib, Steelers Teddy Bear, Steelers Terrible Toddler Towel, Black and Yellow Jumbo Lollipop, Shearers Parmesan and Sun Dried Tomato Ricework Chips